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A Stitch Closer To Ugly Sweater Day

Welcome to the first official post in the day of the life of Your Chamber! I say official because I have done several test runs trying to learn how to blog. So, constructive ideas are always welcome from all of you.

We are always thinking here at the PACC Office. One day after the Ugly Sweater Gala, a guest stopped by for a visit. She asked:

Is there really a national ugly sweater day?

As it turns out, yes!

According to Ugly Sweater Day is on the third Friday of December. On Ugly Sweater Day, people get in the holiday spirit by flaunting their ugly holiday sweaters. The ones we are usually too embarrassed to wear in public (thanks, Grandma).

Here at the Chamber, we were thinking about the fun sweaters we saw at the Gala and well... one thing led to another...

What if we embraced Ugly Sweaters as a thing in Princeton?

Businesses could to do something special for customers wearing ugly holiday sweaters. The PACC blog could feature DIY holiday sweater projects. The Princeton School District could boost Princeton Pride by promoting ugly sweaters at Princeton Public Schools. There are so many fun ways to build up to National Ugly Sweater Day on December 21, 2018. The opportunities are endless! Sweaters are cozy to wear while sledding and drinking hot cocoa. I love to drink hot chocolate while listening to holiday music and looking at the lights around town and decorating peoples' houses. If my brainstorming equation is correct... We might be onto something here:

Sledding + Hot drinks + Caroling + Tree lighting = Ugly Sweater Day Party @ Riverside Park

Like I mentioned before, we do a lot of thinking here at the Chamber. We think up hundreds of ideas, but only a few can be turned into a reality. Tell us your thoughts. Should we promote National Ugly Sweater day? Only 346 days until December 21, 2018...

What about the people where ugly sweaters all year?

Oh, dear! To them I say, "good for you!"

The PACC wishes you all a happy and safe new year!

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